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Welcome to IPEL!

Institut Polytechnique Experimental Lab (IPEL) allows researchers to run social science experiments, supporting investigations in decision-making and human behavior.

What does IPEL do?

IPEL is equipped to run both in-person and online experiments. These may involve decision-making tasks, surveys, games, puzzles, interviews, or group activities. In-person experiments take place in our Laboratory at the 2nd floor, room 2037-2039.

Online experiments are a recent addition, and require participants to just access our experimental software using any browser.

Do you want to take part in IPEL's research? Click here!

Why join?

Joining IPEL is great as:

It's flexible: you choose the date and time that best suit you
It's easy: you need no previous experience or skills, just a valid ID or school badge
It's useful: you get a chance to support research
It's paid: you are compensated in cash for your time

For more information, please consult our Join page, our FAQs and the laboratory rules and policies.

In order to guarantee all research studies proceed smoothly, participants are expected to follow a set of rules and policies.

Invitation Policy

When we open a new experiment for registration, we send out e-mail invitations to some or all the people that have signed up for experiments. Once you have received an invitation, if you would like to participate to that experiment, please sign up for one session by following the instructions in your invitation email. Otherwise, just ignore the invitation. Ignoring one or more invitation will not affect in any way the chances of being invited to participate in another experiment.

We usually run several different sessions of the same experiment, so there are often multiple times and dates from which you can choose. Sign up for only a SINGLE session, as you can participate in an experiment only once. By signing up for a session, you commit to participate in that specific session.

You can unsubscribe from the invitation emails at any moment without penalty. If you want to erase your pertinent information from the database as well, you can send us an email.

No-show policy

If you decide to sign up for an experiment and you can no longer attend, please contact us as soon as possible at We track the number of "no-shows" for each participant and reserve the right to exclude from the subject pool those who regularly do not show up to an experiment after they have registered for them. Letting us know you can no longer participate in advance will ensure there are no "no-shows" on your account.


If you sign up for an experiment, please arrive at the lab or log on 5-10 minutes before the starting time of the session. Please be aware that experimenters usually recruit more subjects than necessary, in order to make up for last-minute cancellations from participants. If there are too many participants for the session, we randomly choose the session participants and give financial compensation to those who were not chosen.

After the scheduled start time, anyone who registered for an experiment (that is, was invited and confirmed his participation in a specific session) but did not show up will not receive any compensation for it.

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